Today marks day 8 of my slenderiiz challenge!
The first 21 days I cut without drops! I ate my planned meals, trained 3 times a week and did light cardio once a week! I lost body fat 3 % but gained muscle mass….around 5%.
On the 21st Jan I weighed 10.13.4lbs post leg day so my muscle mass was quite high….
Today after upper body I weighed myself again! 😱😱😱
I changed NOTHING but the drops! I still trained and ate the exact same thing daily!
The results are below! Today’s weight is 10.7.4lbs
I lost 6lbs in 7 days but maintained my muscle mass!!! This means I cut ACTUAL FAT!!!
To say I’m impressed is a HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT!!
I love these drops and I protected my gains!!!! Get in!!!! Will keep you all updated!!

Défi Slenderiiz – Carina Bentley
21 Janvier 2017: 69.58 kgs
28 Janvier 2017: 66.86 kgs
Perte de Poids : -2,7 kgs en seulement 7 jours !



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  1. Mathilde POTAIRE
    mars 7, 2017

    J’aimerais passer commande svp

      mars 7, 2017

      Biensur. Pour cela , rendez vous dans l’onglet “Boutique” , et laissez vous guider . En cas de besoin, je suis à votre disposition. N’hésitez pas 😉

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